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Please excuse me, I don't have much knowledge of HTML so this website won't be very pretty (kinda reminds me of a Geocities page or something).

Anyways, welcome to the official website for Sonic, the only Discord bot that can taunt. For those who don't know, according to the SmashWiki, a taunt is a move in the Super Smash Bros. series designed to mock, provoke, or annoy an opponent (mostly intended to be used after knocking them off the stage). There's usually about 3 for every character in the game, and they all have some sort of meme factor in them that is just so beautiful (one example being Cap'n Falcon's famous "show me your moves").

Now, I bet you're wondering: "What does this have to do with Sonic specifically?"

Well, when Smash 4 came out for 3DS and Wii U, Sonic's previous actor from Brawl (Jason Griffith) was replaced with his less popular, more douche-y alternative, Roger Craig Smith, not even recording original lines but taking clips from past Sonic games (edit: he is being replaced) (double edit: not anymore). One of these lines happened to be "Sonic Speed!" as his side taunt. Now, among me and my friends, this line just sounded plain derpy and stupid, the perfect thing that would be an early-2010s internet meme or something. Not to mention the fact that I main Sonic (and yes, before you ask, I am godly with him.)

So with that, along with a headstart from my friends, I made the bot. I first added it to my own server, but eventually when I found out about the Bot List it caught on like wildfire.

And that's the story. So far there's around 1,800 servers that have it, making it the most popular Sonic bot on Discord (there are others, which I have surpassed.)

If you want it in your server then click here, use the above button or use the below widgets.
Do note that the bot recently was hit with a massive glitch which prevents it from turning on half the time. I cannot guarantee the bot will be online all the time.

Commands - Definitely not taken from the other sonic bot website